K-9 Agility Field

The K-9 Agility obstacles at Signature Dog training are designed to challenge your dog both physically and mentally.

The challenge of each obstacle develops and even enhances confidence in both young puppies and adult dog
with support and encouragement from both the owner and the trainer.

Basic obedience commands are an integral part of K-9 Agility as the commands are used to communicate to the dogs.
Basic obedience commands help the dog around the course and are used to ensure that the dog's performance at each
obstacle is both safe and correct.

In order to produce a more confident and well rounded dog, Signature Dog Training also offers training for both
adult dogs and young puppies that introduces them to the concept of water and swimming.

The bond between dog and owner is significantly enhanced when an owner and a dog are working
side-by-side using an established common vocabulary to accomplish any task.